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Hard times lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Capital Steez - Hard Times lyrics download mp3 in the city
In a hard town by the sea
Hard times in the… [2x]

[Verse 1: Steez]
Is it a bit too explicit if I ask her to lick it
Or rude if I assume the position
Wax on wax off like you’re rinsing off the dishes
That’s why I got her wetter than the kitchen
Or is it
I got the candles I’m just hopin you can stand the heat
Banana peel sandals that’ll compliment your camels feet
Whatchu think of yellow?
Got you feelin slick and mellow
A simple fellow try to switch to red bone
I got the mary rolled, so it’s set in stone
But I would hate to see her climb hills in stilettos
Steezy baby let me kiss up on your neck gold
Straps with no strings attached like Velcro
Heard we getting more buzz than a cell phone
Came for the throne, now I’m tryna put myself on
Act grown
Get thrown when the L’s gone
Got too bent now she’s blown like an elbow
So tell me how you getting home
So tell me how you getting home

She said it’s on as long as I don’t tell the pros
Words keep spreading on like a telephone
So tell me how you getting home

[Verse 2: Dirty Sanchez]
She don’t need no drugs, and she don’t need no guns
All she needs to do is hit me up
And she’ll be riding dirty
No brakes and no crashin over
Spanish casanova, casting spells with the aroma
Witch doctor got the remedy, shit fucked up her memory
But I remember how she said mmm lemony
I can’t be romantic, I just met ya and I spanked her
Had the dank lit since the banquet, got the henny, now drank it
Straight Cali in my doobie and she’s hittin’ on Mary, I think she’s bi curious
Buy furious bags, the root of all evil I want serious cash
Don’t laugh, you see where I’m at, you need a new map
Her completion’s Pocahontas, she’s in love with the Blanca
Headed to cord kord chord Capital Steez - Hard Times lyrics kunci gitar the dirty south but reps beast coast papa
She knows if she don’t suck, then we chords Capital Steez - Hard Times lyrics lyrics don’t fuck
Plus she never says she won’t, fuck a love quote
Girl I know I left ya broke
So tell me how you getting home
Just tell me how you getting home

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